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plays the 6th Annual
Starlight Six
Drive-in Invasion

Sept. 4, 2000

Cars Still Love Drive-Ins

Once again I trekked across Atlanta Labor day weekend to attend the Starlight Six Drive-Invasion to see Catfight! and several other bands. Once again I was not disappointed by the music, barbecue, classic cars, and this time even more cool people. A large story in the AJC ensured a large turnout.

There were easily double the amount of cool classic cars. Several people from work helped me identify them. So visit the gallery here and see for yourself. Send me an E-mail if I got any wrong.

Then, at around 3pm the bands started. I had brought my beach chair, cooler, and sunscreen: so I was happy. Several other people had brought grills and one even brought a classic bicycle to tool around on. The music was very good. Of course I didn't stay for the movies. After six hours baking in the sun I was too tired and went home. Maybe next year I'll make it to the end.


Look back at last year's event

Johnny Knox Band (website)
One of Atlanta's fastest-rising stars, The Sultan of the Silvertone's six-string stuntwork leaves mortal guitarists with their jaws on the floor.

Johnny Knox Band Johnny Knox Band
Johnny Knox Band

Catfight! (website)
All-girl and all-rock! The Catfight! babes even shot their video at the Starlight!
jennifer 1jennifer 2
Jennifer Kraft - guitar
katy 1 katy 2
Katy Graves - bass
anne 2anne 1
Ann Ciovacco - drums

Penetrators (website)
Big guitars and no singing -- The Penetrators' spy-movie soundtrack and spaghetti western-themed twangfests don't need lyrics to make their point anyway.


The Woggles (website)
Atlanta's road warriors The Woggles have spread the rock & roll gospel far and wide, from Japan to Europe and every juke joint in between!


200 Birthday Princess - Chrissy
This year's Out-Of-Control winners

Visit a cool, still working drive-in theater in Atlanta!
Text in italics from Starlight-Six flyer

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