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plays the 5th Annual
Starlight Six
Drive-in Invasion

Sept. 6, 1999

Cars Love Drive-Ins

Labor day weekend I went to the Starlight Six Drive-in to see Catfight! perform with several other bands for the Starlight Six Drive-Invasion. There was music, barbecue, classic cars, and cool people. It was a whole lot of fun. The Starlight was celebrating 50 years in Atlanta and is one of the few drive-ins left in the nation.

It's been years since I went to a drive-in. Actually it was back in high school when Erin and I snuck three people in, in the trunk of her car. Oh, the stupid things we did in high school. But the Starlight Six is pretty nice, big, and well laid out in a terrace format. This way not everyone is looking up and no one is in your way. But, on the down side, there is no grass below the screen to lay out a blanket. You're better off doing the tail-gate thing.

57 chevy belair
studabaker kevin rej with Valient

Some fans came out in 1950's style clothing: Maybe it was to honor the Drive-in days gone by or maybe that's the way Truckadelic fans always dress. Either way, it was nice to see.

50schic vicky1

Just after four o'clock, Jennifer, Anne, and Katy came out to start the show. There were some last minute things to do, so I asked Jennifer to take a picture of Anne for me. It's always hard to get good pictures of drummers, because they are so far back on the stage. Even though she'd never used a camera like mine before, she did a good job. Anne is smiling and everything - Thanks Jen.

Catfight! (website)
Three rockin' babes who've broken more hearts than Mamie Van Doren!
Jennifer Kraft - guitar
Formerly of Bite
katy1 katy8
Katy Graves - bass
Formerlly of Doll Squad
anne2 anne3
Ann Ciovacco - drums
(Left photo by J. Kraft)
Formerlly of Doll Squad

Swami Blues
The Swami's got his own bag of tricks, full o' Chicago-style hanking blues!


Truckadelic (website)
Truck-wreckin' southern-fried rock&roll insanity!


The Lizardmen
The British Invasion hits again with Atlanta's sharpest dressed band


happy21Aren't they great?

Doesn't this Fox 5 News reporter look just thrilled by all the music and fun?

Wow an actual drive-in in Atlanta, who would have thought?
Text in italics from Starlight-Six flyer

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