The Helgas play the Star Bar 12-13-00

The Helgas in action

Rocking the Star Bar

Pinkeye. the Helgas and American Plastics

Wednesday December 13, 2000

Review by Stefan

It was a dark and stormy night... But that wouldn't stop fans from seeing a great night of Rock & Roll at one of Atlanta's favorite night-spots, The Star Bar

Pinkeye started the show with their own brand of girl-punk. Although it was a subdued from the effects of flu and flu-medicine be suffered by the two-thirds of the band. Still, the show must go on and Mitsu, Kelly, and Laurie didn't disappoint their fans.

Mitsu Bitchi of Pinkeye, Vocals and Bass

Mitsu on bass and vocals

Laurie of Pinkeye on Guitar

Laurie on guitar and vocals

Kelly of Pinkeye on drums

Kelly on drums

Next up, The Helga's took the stage with their own style of garage-punk-rock. Scooter, Joe, and John turned the volume up in the room so much that Scooter blew his bass. After some begging, Mistu loaned him hers. After that short interruption, Scooter and Joe took turns crooning to the crowd.


Joe on guitar and vocals


Scooter on bass and vocals


John on skins

Scooter's assests  
Scooter often says that the fans are the most important reason for his music, and, not wanting to deny them anything: when one screamed, "Show us your tits", he obliged. Although I, for one, wished he hadn't.
(Note: Now he's playing Mitsu's bass)

It was very late by the time American Plastics took the stage and I had to get to work early the next morning. And although Renita says they were great, it just wasn't my kind of music. So I took a few pictures and discreetly left. For their fans, here they are.

one two three

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