Jennifer Daniels
plays the Moonbean
Smyrna Ga - October 1999

Jennifer Daniels, along with her husband Jeff Neal, put on a truly delightful show at Moonbean and Company, a small coffee shop in Vinings. She played outside on a cool fall evening with the leaves falling gently around her. I was surprised to see Jeff had shaved his beard.

Except for a few technical problems and several train interruptions the show went really well. She made several jokes, about not minding the trains, which was really cute. Mostly she played songs from her full length CD - Fists of Flood but also included a few from her first CD - An Invitation and introduced us to several new songs.

Jennifer writes all her own music in a country/folk style. Her music can usually be described as sad or at least melancholy - Which isn't necessarily bad, but don't expect to be cheered-up at her shows. So it took me a while to realize that if I wanted to catch her smiling, I should take pictures during the breaks - not while she's singing. So I missed many good shots.

"I do have happy songs!" - she wrote me, after seeing a preview of this page. Which is true, but I'll stick with my story. No offense is intended. Go, see the show, make your own decisions.

The lighting was bad and I was still learning how to use the new camera - so I'm sorry these pictures aren't great. Maybe next time.

Moonbean and Company, was a small coffee shop in Smyrna that served beer, sandwiches, and desserts. It had comfortable couches and a very cozy fireplace (usually burning too) but it's closed now.

Jennifer Daniels - Official Website

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