Flash to Bang Time plays the Star Bar 03-30-01
Star Bar Sign

Flash to Bang Time

Moves the Star Bar with
Alastor and The Yum Yum Tree

Friday March 30, 2001

Concert Review by Stefan

Not too long ago, I got an E-mail from my favourite cello player, Diana Obscura. She wrote that she would be performing with Flash to Bang Time at the Star Bar on the 30th. So I put it on my things to do list and didn't think much about it. I'd never heard of Flash to Bang Time and just assumed it was another obscure group she'd be playing with: She seems to do that a lot.

A few days before the actual show, I saw this big article about the Flash to Bang Time show in the Creative Loafing. The article mentioned a famous and local relative of the band: I let out a huge sigh. This was going to be trouble. I was sure that this would attract a curiosity or celebrity seeking crowd instead of music lovers and spoil the show.

The show was disappointing because the crowd talked over and ignored some really good music. It was a shame because Yum Yum Tree and Alastor weren't bad. Flash to Bang Time had the lights turned off for some 60's style lighting effect: so my pictures came out either too dark or without the cool effects. Which is better?

Yum Yum Tree


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sorry, no pictures

Flash to Bang Time

Flash to Bang Time is the scientific term for the time lag between lightning's flash and the subsequent bang of thunder. It actually the distance, in time, from the lightning incident to the observers's location. Since this is related to the speed of sound, which varies depending on many variables (temperate, humidity, air pressure) it's an appropriate name for this band. They seem to be constantly changing too, which suits them just fine.

a1 a2 a3
a4 a5 a6
a7 a8 a9
d1 d2 d3
d4 d5 d6
d7 d10 d11
d12 k1 k2
l1 l2 l3
l4 f4
d9 d8
f1 f2
f3 f6
f7 Creative Loafing article
Lynda Stipe on cello
Charles Greenleaf,
bassist Kevin Sims,
violinist Amy Heaton
Diana Obscura on cello
Flash to Bang Time

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

They wanted to do some cool lighting effects but couldn't afford the million dollar lights and they probably couldn't set them up in the Star Bar anyway. So they put some white paper on the walls and had this guys keep moving some coloured slides across an overhead projector. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't really bright enough either.

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