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Stefan's visit to Fantasm 2K

Lynn from the Teens in Peril film booth being
guarded by Chaos and Iron Mike.

Fantasm 2K - A small gothic/sci-fi convention: More about fun and parties then sci-fi, but still lots of fun. It included parties, midnight Rocky Horror, dealers, parties, comics, scantily clad women, contests, and more parties. Where you there?

Beautiful Feet Contest

The turnout was very light, so it was postponed. but I did get pictures of the girls who signed up. Foot fetishists, take note.

Miss Fantasm 2000 Mrs Cramer Skittle toes

Random Shots

Lilly of the Alley - Price $435 Mitsu
Cam Girl - Mystrs Dennis Cramer and wife Trans in red


Scottish Knight a Highland Scot Cam Girl - Lily of the Alley


If you're in a pictures, I'd love to hear from you.

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